About Us

About Us

 Tescor was formed in 1991 to provide superior engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities to companies working in the area of climatic control and climatic testing of various products.

Since its inception, Tescor’s strength and focus has been in the area of calorimetry. Tescor is dedicated to the design and manufacture of climatic simulation and test equipment for the Automotive, HVAC and Pharmaceutical marketplace.

With many years of experience designing and building controlled-environment test systems, our core group possesses proven expertise in refrigeration technology, psychrometrics, data acquisition and control, computer technology and software, and many other disciplines.

Tescor custom-engineered systems enable R &D or Quality Control Labs to test their products in conformance with the appropriate ASHRAE, ARI, AHAM, RAC, IEC or JIS, and ISO standards.

Tescor is located in Warminster, PA approximately 20 miles North of Philadelphia where we occupy a modern 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Tescor’s Sales and Service Network includes offices in ChinaIndia, Korea, Detroit and the Eastern U.S.

Tescor has commissioned several hundred projects to date in the area of calorimetry and environmental test facilities. These projects have been completed for many large, world-leading Automotive, HVAC and Pharmaceutical companies, both Domestic and International.